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House of Oropher-centric one-shot [18 Sep 2011|01:08am]

[ mood | busy ]

Title: Ready
Author: firebird_88firbird_88
Main Characters: Oropher, Thranduil, Legolas
Summary: The passing of power from a father to a son is never easy. Angst and shameless warm-fuzzy moments for Oropher, Thranduil and Legolas. (May not be totally accurate to the book-verse.)

(I certainly hope that a child of mine can be more articulate than THAT.)

FF.net URLhttp://www.fanfiction.net/s/7390673/1/Ready 

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Help Finding Fic [10 Jul 2011|09:23pm]

Hello~  I'm Swyrel, and I was a part of the LotR fandom many, many years ago and have just begun easing my way back into it.  Basically, I'm looking for fic that I read years ago and am having trouble finding it.  The fic I am looking for is a Legolas/OFC (about the only one I could stand) that takes place in Greenwood/Mirkwood before the whole Ring era.  It starts off with a spring festival where the male Elves chase the female Elves and end up with the one they catch for the day.  So basically Legolas chases after this female Elf (I believe her name was Nessa at first, but it was since changed as the story was edited).  The Elf doesn't want him chasing her, but once she gets that through his thick head, she realizes that she fell in love with him, blah blah blah.

The story was hosted both on ff.net and an original site I believe.  I'm currently searching through the whole romance section of ff.net, with no luck.

If anyone can help me find this story, I will be eternally grateful!  <3
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Looking for fic... [05 Jan 2009|09:12pm]

I know, you probably get this all the time, but help would be greatly appreciated!

Sooo, the fic I'm looking for was one I read some years ago featuring Elrond/Erestor and Glorfindel. I don't think it was any longer than 10.000 words... It's set in Imladris pre-books, after Galadriel has left. Erestor and Elrond have been harbouring feelings for each other, when Glorfindel finds out about Erestor attraction he sorta dares him to seduce Elrond, which Erestor does by playing vulnerable, and it works great and the two start seeing each other.

For a little while, everything is nice until Glorfindel tells Elrond about the dare. Elrond becomes quite mad cuz of this, and there is a quite explicit scene at Elrond's office, where he first screws Erestor and then jerks him off against the disk and then says something rather nasty to him and leaves him in tears...

And I can't remember the rest or how it ends, which is really grating my nerves, except I'm pretty sure it end happily...

So, rings a bell by anyone? I would be really, really happy if it did, I've been looking for it for ages!

Happy Holidays :)
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help [17 Nov 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | listless ]

I am looking for a fanfiction I was reading but lost the link for. The writer's character was Penny she was a fan of Tolkien and ended up in middle earth and in Rivendell. She spoke English but everyone else spoke common language so there was a language barrier. She was found and befriended by Halabad (sp?) they mostly spoke Sinidan (sp?) and she knew things they didn't think she could possibly know. The site was broken up into chapters; each having a title like: A river in Egypt. I also remember after the title on the main page were the words "Don't Panic".
Can someone please help me find this story again?

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Salutations! [14 Nov 2005|07:58pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Greetings. New member here, but longtime lover of Professor Tolkien's epic fantasy. A friend of mine and I recently began a little drabble that has grown, rather exponentally. Our little story takes place after the events of Return of the King...oh, just let me give the link and let you see for yourself! =)

[ Click here to be redirected. ]

Comments and feedback are anticipated and welcomed, but please be considerate. Wonderful to be here! Yay for the canon llamas!

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Lord of the Crack [29 Sep 2005|10:41am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Title: Lord of the Crack
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Every pairing fandom ever created, in a point-and-laugh fashion.
type: Parody.
Warnings: uh...a frequent dirty joke here and there but nothing too vile.
Beta: Cait-sama ^_^
synopsis: A Series of short drabbles and sketches, from both book and movie versions of LOTR, with humorous intentions.

Read more...Collapse )

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Adamant [25 Jul 2005|09:27pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello, all. As the "Princess of Publishing/Arch-duchess of Advertising/Marchioness of Marketing", I'm here on behalf of my fellow members of The Burping Troll collaborative writing group to promote our newest tale, Adamant.

Title: Adamant
Author: Sevilodorf, erinrua*, and Celebsul
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: n/a (this is not a "pairing" sort of tale)
Warning: only some mild violence
Disclaimer: Middle Earth and everything in it belongs to Tolkien. We of The Burping Troll are merely playing in the professor's sandbox.
Summary: The final part of the 'Precious Stones' trilogy, following 'Bloodstone' and 'Obsidian'**. Nik, the small uruk-hai befriended by Russbeorn, has sworn to do what no orc has done before: stand and testify to his innocence of murder after killing a man in defense of human life. But will Nik's truth overcome the lies of unscrupulous men? (Can be read as a stand-alone story.)
Author's Notes: The above summary was written by erinrua. All stories at The BT are slash-free.
Feedback: Feedback is like manna to the muses. It would be wonderful if you could leave feedback in our guestbook.
Genre: Drama / Adventure
Fandom: Canon story set after the War of of the Ring. (All of the BT stories are set after the War of the Ring, actually.)

*erinrua was the winner of the TORN ORC award for "Best Fanfiction" this past January for her story The Last Grey Ship, which is also housed at the BT site.

**Obsidian was a semi-finalist in the 2004 Mithril awards.

x-posted to various other Tolkien fanfiction communities.

P.S. The Middle-Earth FanFiction Awards for 2005 are approaching. Do be sure to check out the tales and to vote when the time comes!

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New member [17 Apr 2005|11:07am]

I'm so glad to find this place. Slash annoys me. It's not what Tolkien intended and I know how I'd feel if my characters were distorted that far from my view of them.

I'm Nen, and here is a story of mine.

Before the Council.

A robin sang with notes of liquid crystal and the waterfall that danced at the edge if the garden chuckled quietly to itself. Legolas sat in Elrond's garden, enjoying the soft autumnal beauty. He heard steps behind him, heavier than most elven feet, but too light for a human. "It is a fair evening, Lord Elrond." he said, rising to his feet and turning to face his father's friend.

"Here, all evenings are fair, whatever darkness may lie beyond. Changes lie ahead, and we will feel them more than most."

Legolas was surprised, "You have the power to hold back change."

"I hope I also have the wisdom to know what should change and what should not. Will you return to Thranduil after our Council? Is that his wish?"

"He gave me power to act as I wish. I will be guided by your wisdom. If I may be of use to you in any way, here I am. My father would not wish me to do otherwise."

Elrond sat on a low wall and gestured for Legolas to sit on the wall opposite. They looked around the garden and Elrond's eyes alighted on the robin. "Celebrian loved to hear a robin singing. Do you remember her? You were young when we were last together in Mirkwood."

"Such grace is not forgotten. I remember her laughing with my mother. Forgive the question, but do you ever think of following her to ... to the west?"

Just for an instant, a look of pain appeared on Elrond's face. "Every morning and evening, every time I think of her. I love Imladris. I love my children. I long to see Celebrian again. It is a sorry thing, to live with a divided heart. Yet my duties hold me here too. I am needed here."

"You are, lord. You have done much to protect and help our people and others."

Elrond watched him for a while in silence. Eventually he said, "You are a skilled warrior, like your father and your grandfather. Like them, you are faithful and trustworthy. Such a warrior could be useful, yet I saw Oropher die in battle, and I would not ask Thranduil to lose both father and son in battles against our enemy. There are many warriors in my household and any would go if I asked them."

"But you want me to go." said Legolas, his voice so low that only Elrond could hear, "To go where, exactly?"

Elrond listened to another sweet song from the robin. His eyes were sad and his own voice quiet. "How far would you go, for the sake of your land?"

"I do not think my grandfather went further than I would go." said Legolas. Part of him already knew that the same path lay beneath his feet and would lead to death or to a victory few warriors could ever hope to see. He looked at Elrond and tried to see the herald of Gil-Galad, but the Elrond he saw now was far higher than that, and crowned with long wisdom respected even by the Dwarves. Still, this lord had fought alongside his father and grandfather. He had been a faithful friend to both. He had been a faithful friend to all who stood against the Shadow. "You do not need to speak of the threat to my land, Lord. Though I would fight for that, I will gladly give my life to whatever cause you would have me serve. I honour your wisdom and trust your will in such matters. Do not trouble over whether I will do what you ask when you unfold your purpose, I say now, in ignorance of it, that I know you are right. I will do whatever you ask of me."

"I do not ask you blindly to pledge yourself to so fell a path."

"I am not blind. I shall take the light of Imladris as a beacon. My father has never regretted trusting you."

Elrond smiled, "You are very like your father, of whom I can think nothing ill, but you have one quality by which you become the best choice for what lies ahead. There is no bitterness in you. Immortal grudges have not taken root in your heart. Yet I do not want to send you. Already one is involved who has been a third son to me."

"If he goes, let me go too. It may be that an arrow of mine will keep him alive for you. Would you send me back to my people when the glory is all in the other direction?" Legolas sighed. "The grandson of Oropher, sent hime to wait for words of others' deeds!"

Elrond was clearly still reluctant. "When Oropher fell, I wished he had not been with us. I saw your father's grief, which you have only known blunted by the wearing of long years. You are more to him than any other."

"Yet you said I was your choice. Whatever this is, it is too big a thing to be threatened by concern for a father's grief."

"Yes, but I am a father too."

"And you do not tether your sons in safe pastures, but let them do what they can. I was not taught the use of a bow so that I could cower in safety. I am a warrior." Legolas knelt before Elrond. "Do not ask me. There is no need to ask. As you served Gil-Galad, I will serve you. If the path leads to the land of shadows, I will still take it. Give me a chance to repay the long debt of my grandfather's death, of all their deaths. You wanted me to do this."

"Success would be more likely were you involved." said Elrond, "I will not deceive you. It may be that death will be your only reward."

"The same is true of fighting orcs at home, but there is less glory in that. The day I first drew a bowstring, my life was put into peril. It is more precious to me because of that."

"If, after all has been said, you decide not to go, I will speak no word of blame. You cannot imagine what will be asked of you and I cannot tell you here and now."

Legolas stood, "Son of Eärendil, whatever else happens, one son of Mirkwood will follow your guidance and do as you ask. I am not my grandfather's equal in strength or prowess, but in devotion, none shall find me lacking."

Elrond stood too and embraced Legolas. "He would be proud of you. Go and rest. Enjoy the peace of Imladris. Tomorrow there will be much talk and much debate, and after that, I do not know what may come."

As Legolas bowed and took his leave, the robin sang again and he hoped that Elrond's divided heart would find a sweet reunion at the end of his labours.
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Holiday Ficathon! [07 Dec 2004|11:59pm]

Here is a holiday ficathon I'm running for ALL fandoms! I hope this is okay to post here! Please come sign up!

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LOTR [17 Aug 2004|01:02am]

Join, Create, Submit and, if you&apos;re lucky, WIN!

Hey guys! Please come and join the icon challenge community, icon_challenge_! This week’s challenge is LOTR. You may submit up to three icons to be voted on later in the week.

So please join, create, submit and, if you’re lucky, win!

[x-posted everywhere!]

<3 gwen xoxo
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Two Line Ficathon [21 Jul 2004|03:16pm]

Two Line Ficathon (MULTI FANDOM)

Pimping this neat looking challenge!


Run by shanelle

Sign-ups close August 11, stories are due September 18.
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Tinuviel [18 May 2004|10:46am]

She wrapped herself in leaves of gold to save
Her lover true. Her raven hair she cast
Aside and from it made a misty wave
That saved her from unfriendly eyes as past
She swiftly went. Her faithful hound away
Her bore to meet her fate afar from home,
To waive the fortune of her kind, to pay
For her love’s life with life her own. Like foam
Of sea her garment flew, and on she rode
To dreary Hades where Beren grieved.
She oft lost hope, but on and on she rode
And, in the end, she Beren’s bonds relieved.
The shining jewel to home with them they bore
But jealousy did drive them far once more.
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[16 May 2004|11:25pm]

Truth, Justice, Mercy, Love, Hope and Grace
All came to bear in Middle Earth's fate
The sun was sinking, the world was a mess
And Gollum, the ring he wanted as he confessed

They raced to the mountain as fast as they could
But Frodo was weak and could not walk as he should
Sam carried him the rest of the way
This is the truth of what happened that day

And into the fire, and into the flame
They made their way without any shame.
And Gollum finally, the ring did he steal
And fell into the fire letting out one final squeal.

Our heroes were left in the worst of the storm
But the eagles did come, true to their form
And took them away, wafting in the air
And carried them to Gondor, with the greatest of care

Once back in the now safe revered town
And the final battle was dying on down
The hobbits they took a much earned rest
Until for the wedding they did look their best

And all bowed down to the four that day
Never again will we see such destruction did they pray
And return to the Shire the hobbits did go
With Merry and company in tow.

And Frodo wanted to but not remain
Though he'd saved Middle Earth, he still felt great pain
And away to the place of the Havens of Gray
He went to live in peace he may.
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[16 May 2004|11:02pm]

[ mood | sappy ]

The burden was heavy, the journey was long
And it seemed that all that could, seemed to go wrong.
Friendship and love conquers all, so they say
And it definitely did that very black day

But Frodo had Samwise the Brave by his side always
And never once did he leave even when Frodo bade him go away
He made the choice, and accepted the cost
Of all that could, would, and might have been lost.

Sam never left his friend, never did stray
His love and his friendship made it that way
Friends forever, could that be true?
I know that it is, as I have met you.

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[16 May 2004|10:49pm]

[ mood | creative ]


The darkness has fallen, the sun has set
Evening has come to Middle Earth
Its fate is hanging in the balance
Will the ring bearer overcome what so many have not?

Will the darkness end? Will justice triumph?
Will the light appear once again to crush the dark?
Or will all the light be sucked out of all the land?
And all fall down under Sauron's evil hand?

True friendship always will succeed
A true friend is there when one is in need
Two small hobbits triumphing over the darkness
That has encompassed the entire of Middle Earth

A shining beacon in the middle of the deathly night
An angel by your side till the end of the world
A warm comforting fire when all else is gone
The other half of your own soul, is a friend

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Grey Shores - A Haiku [16 May 2004|11:32pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Grey shores, ships reflect
The grief of those who remain
No those who depart...

Save one wounded soul
Who leaves behind all he loves
To seek healing Westward...

Shire life lost, tears shed
Replaced by a longing for
Sauron’s evil One Ring

A child of his own
Ne’er to run Bag End’s hallways
Shadows fleeing joy

Gamgees faces lost
Faces he cannot foresee
Ne’er the less he loves

Embracing loved ones
For one last time he whispers,
“I gave all, my friends.”

He indeed gave all
This Frodo Baggins a hero
But not to his people...

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LOTR Poem [16 May 2004|10:01pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Inspired by Amy

Frodo journeyed to Mordor, the land of the dark
Along with him came Sam, loyal at heart
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, a friendship did spark
Never once did the three of them part

Cold, dark, damp, evil and fear
Was what Frodo and Sam felt as they drew near
To the heart of evil, the bane of the world
And all they had was their friendship which near came unfurled.

All hope was lost and nothing seemed gained
Near at the end, The fight seemed in vain
Sam and Frodo to each other were true.
And at the end, truth and justice came through.

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Healing [02 Feb 2004|10:54pm]

Name: Healing
Author: Penmage
Characters: Eowyn and Faramir
Slash: None
Rating: G
Feedback: I'd love feedback.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Tolkien. I'm just playing with them.

HealingCollapse )
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[20 Jul 2003|02:05am]

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this. If not please let me know and I'll remove my entry.

I FINALLY finished an Orlando Bloom fanfic. Go me.
It's a choose-your-own-adventure type of fanfic so it took me a long time to get all the endings etc...
Anyway just thought I'd alert everyone to it. I think it's kind of fun. Had fun writing it anyway :)
You can find it at http://www.geocities.com/chosenwonders/fiction.html

The title is Starcrossed Lovers? (I know I gave up on the title)

And that's my bit for today.
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[19 Feb 2003|01:33am]

I wrote another Legolas fanfic. I like it better than my first but what do I know?
It's of Legolas' past up until Rivendell.
Please let me know what you guys think!!

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