Swyrel (swyrel) wrote in slashfreelotr,

Help Finding Fic

Hello~  I'm Swyrel, and I was a part of the LotR fandom many, many years ago and have just begun easing my way back into it.  Basically, I'm looking for fic that I read years ago and am having trouble finding it.  The fic I am looking for is a Legolas/OFC (about the only one I could stand) that takes place in Greenwood/Mirkwood before the whole Ring era.  It starts off with a spring festival where the male Elves chase the female Elves and end up with the one they catch for the day.  So basically Legolas chases after this female Elf (I believe her name was Nessa at first, but it was since changed as the story was edited).  The Elf doesn't want him chasing her, but once she gets that through his thick head, she realizes that she fell in love with him, blah blah blah.

The story was hosted both on ff.net and an original site I believe.  I'm currently searching through the whole romance section of ff.net, with no luck.

If anyone can help me find this story, I will be eternally grateful!  <3
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