Comtess de Rochefort (blackdragon735) wrote in slashfreelotr,
Comtess de Rochefort


She wrapped herself in leaves of gold to save
Her lover true. Her raven hair she cast
Aside and from it made a misty wave
That saved her from unfriendly eyes as past
She swiftly went. Her faithful hound away
Her bore to meet her fate afar from home,
To waive the fortune of her kind, to pay
For her love’s life with life her own. Like foam
Of sea her garment flew, and on she rode
To dreary Hades where Beren grieved.
She oft lost hope, but on and on she rode
And, in the end, she Beren’s bonds relieved.
The shining jewel to home with them they bore
But jealousy did drive them far once more.
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