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Looking for fic...

I know, you probably get this all the time, but help would be greatly appreciated!

Sooo, the fic I'm looking for was one I read some years ago featuring Elrond/Erestor and Glorfindel. I don't think it was any longer than 10.000 words... It's set in Imladris pre-books, after Galadriel has left. Erestor and Elrond have been harbouring feelings for each other, when Glorfindel finds out about Erestor attraction he sorta dares him to seduce Elrond, which Erestor does by playing vulnerable, and it works great and the two start seeing each other.

For a little while, everything is nice until Glorfindel tells Elrond about the dare. Elrond becomes quite mad cuz of this, and there is a quite explicit scene at Elrond's office, where he first screws Erestor and then jerks him off against the disk and then says something rather nasty to him and leaves him in tears...

And I can't remember the rest or how it ends, which is really grating my nerves, except I'm pretty sure it end happily...

So, rings a bell by anyone? I would be really, really happy if it did, I've been looking for it for ages!

Happy Holidays :)
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