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slashfreelotr's Journal

Slash-free Lord of the Rings fanfiction
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Slash, as defined in fanfiction, is fiction depicting homosexual (male/male) or (female/female) relationships that never appeared in the original work that the fanfiction is based on.

This community is designed and designated for writers and fanfiction enthusiasts who do not write slash. We don't have any problems with gay relationships, only the fact that they were never intended or implied in The Lord of the Rings or any other Tolkien work.

Members are free to post their own work or links to other works provided they have mild slash content or are slash-free. Het content (male/female) is also welcome as long as it is within the Tolkien canon.

If you are interested in slash, please visit the slashwraiths community. Otherwise, feel free to join us!

Any questions may be directed to arien at kissing_crimson@hotmail.com.